The first buds have emerged!

The first buds have emerged!

Spring is settling in. It’s time for the vine to reawaken.

Sap is going to flow again through the wood, and all buds will subsequently open to release their downy cover. (a sort of cotton that protects the bud).

For now, it’s warm and the weather is perfect. Sunny days are here!

For all winemakers this time of year is stressful. Indeed, even if the weather is fine, we may face several difficult weather conditions such as frost and drought.

For the past two years, the Grenache plots have gone through some frost period in April. This was totally new for us for our lands just up the coast were not used to experiencing any frost.

Now, drought is affecting the region. The last rainfall dates back from last November and we really need some more of them.

Let’s hope 2023 will be an exceptional year for the vineyard!

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