La Londe, terroir d'exception

Between land & sea

In a completely preserved valley leading from La Londe to Collobrières,
La Londe has the privilege of beign located between land and sea, a sea that acts like a real thermal regulator.This terroir is characterized by a Mediterranean climate that is more temperate than inland, thanks to the influence of the sea softenin the low winter temperature and regulating the more excessive summer temperatures.Protect from heavy rainfall, the terroir of La Londe Les Maures benefits from strong winds that blow more regularly than inland.

An estate with eleven grape varieties

Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Tibouren, Carignan, Rolle, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sémillon, Clairette and Viognier…offer a wide range of wines with changing flavors and strong character.

When some grape varieties blend and balance delicately others combine naturally to form authentic, sillky, refreshing wines. Like no other wine, Château Pas du Cerf is the spirit and soul of Provence.

These eleven grape varieties perfectly adapt to the Mediterranean climate. their roots dig deep in the soil to draw all the minerality of a unique terroir, thus giving naturally elegant wines.

The specific features of the terroir

The vineyard benefits from remarkable conditions for wines of character, of exceptional naturalness. Walking through the valley that houses the lands of Château Pas du Cerf, one hapilly imagines the great diversity of grape varieties flourishing on a schistous soil where the vine grows directly on the stone. On this sheet of stones and thanks to south-facing hillsides, the sun-drenched grapes reflect the great typicality oh this terroir and form wines with sought-after minerality.

Located in the western part of the Massif des Maures, the terroir is composed of pebbles rich in quarts. Underground, the main rock has many small vertical banks, mainly made up of sandstone and schist. Its reddish-brown hue sometimes verges on carmine red, reminiscent of a powerful, generous wine.

The designation of origin "La Londe"

The 2008 vintage has added its name to the wine of Provence. Under Geneviève Gualtieri's impetus, the Association des Vignerons de La Londe has made the wines of this terroir more recognizable and visible.

Due to the particular grain and the delicate mark of the schistours terroir, along with their undeniable elegance, these wines really deserved to obtain the designation "AOP Côtes de Provence La Londe". The terroi of La Londe has thus been classified by the INAO (National Institude of Origin), which provides and additional guarantee of quality for this exceptional and atypical terroir.

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